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  • Dentures and Dental Implants
                                                                Read more
  • Do I need my wisdom teeth out?
    Do I really need to have my wisdom teeth taken out? Are you having pain from wisdom teeth?  Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth can be a problem?  Do you Read more
  • Whitening
    Does it damage my teeth to whiten them?  How can I get my teeth whiter?  There are many things that can cause your teeth to discolor over time including diet Read more
  • Gum problems from medication
    Did you know that certain seizure and blood pressure medications may cause your gums to change shape and become unhealthy?  If you take any medications for either of these ailments Read more
  • Cold Sensitivity
    How about some ice cream on a hot day this summer?  Do you avoid cold foods because they hurt your teeth?  Sensitivity to cold should not be ignored. It may Read more

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