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November 26, 2014
Category: Dental Implant
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    I hate my lower denture!!  We understand your frustration. Most people adapt to the upper denture but hate the lower because it is loose and uncomfortable.  Stop fighting with a denture that wants to fall out unless you pile up the "tooth glue".  Implants can serve as an anchor for your denture to snap in place.  Implants and dentures: There are many possibilities with dental implants including stabilizing that pesky lower denture.  We can place as little as 2 implants that will stabilize the denture and allow you to enjoy those foods that you have been missing for so long.  Some people choose to place more than 2 implants and have an implant supported bridge placed.  It is amazing what we can accomplish with what is available in implants today.  Implant technology has improved so that many people who were once told that they were not candidates can now enjoy this great technology.  Kiss the glue goodbye when you call us to schedule a consultation!  Stop by Precision Dental Center in Chesterton to discuss your options.


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