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Whitening toothpaste or whitening strips? Whitening with a light or with trays while you are watching TV at your home?  There are so many whitening options available today that it's easy to get frustrated and do nothing.  Many whitening products will result in similar results but the time that it takes to achieve those results may differ.  Studies show that in office whitening with a light and take home trays with adequate strength whitening gel concentrations, will achieve the same results at the two week mark.  In office whitening typically costs more due to the chair time involved at the dentist office.  Take home whitening systems give you the ability to stop when you achieve desired result or if sensitivity starts to occur.  Some of the stronger whitening products have been known to cause more sensitivity, however, many steps have been taken to change that.  There are many whitening options and it can become overwhelming.  We would love to clear up the confusion. Call us to set up a time we can talk about it!


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