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Cold Sensitivity

How about some ice cream on a hot day this summer?  Do you avoid cold foods because they hurt your teeth?  Sensitivity to cold should not be ignored. It may be caused by something that needs to be fixed right away. You don't have to live in fear of the good cold foods.  Cold sensitivity may be caused by many things.  Often, it is caused by the root of the tooth becoming exposed after our gums recede.  The root does not have the same protective coating as the rest of our teeth and this causes the sensitivity.  We have several ways of addressing this issue and would love to discuss them with you.  If you use too stiff of a toothbrush or too abrasive of a toothpaste, recession may occur.  If the bristles on your toothbrush are splayed out after a month or two, then you are pushing too hard when you brush your teeth.  There are also genetics, habits, and diets that may contribute to the problem.  We will talk with you to find out the problem and come up with a solution so that you don’t have to live with the discomfort anymore.  Sometimes, a sensitivity toothpaste is all that is needed to combat the problem.  This is usually the first option to try for generalized sensitivity.  If the sensitivity continues, we have more advanced methods to make things feel more comfortable.  Occasionally, the sensitivity is due to cavities, cracked teeth, or teeth that may need a root canal due to trauma.  Regardless of the reason, cold sensitivity is no fun and we would love to talk about ways to help.  Come see us at Precision Dental Center so that we can help you enjoy your favorite foods again!!

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