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October 29, 2014
Category: Surgery
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Do I really need to have my wisdom teeth taken out?

Are you having pain from wisdom teeth?  Have you ever wondered why wisdom teeth can be a problem?  Do you have questions about what could happen if you ignore them?  We look forward to looking at them and talking to you about it. They may be fine the way they are or we may need to intervene. Call it evolution or call it luck of the draw, but some of us have room for the wisdom teeth and some of us don’t.  Some of us never even have wisdom teeth develop.  More often than not, they tend to cause more harm than good and should be removed.  However, if you have enough room in your mouth to accommodate the teeth and you are able to keep them clean, then there is no reason to just take them out.  These teeth may be pushing on the teeth in front of them, resulting in resorption of those healthy teeth.  If partially erupted, they may act as food traps and cause cavities and pain in the teeth in front of them.  There are particular advantages to address the wisdom teeth at a particular age so it is important to have them evaluated fairly often in your late teens and twenty’s.  We would be happy to evaluate your situation and provide feedback on the best way to handle it.  Visit Precision Dental Center in Chesterton, Indiana, to let us take a look at your wisdom teeth.

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